Waterdeep Dragon Heist

Experience the City of Waterdeep. The huge sprawling city is brought to its knees as villains both race to find Five Million Dragons. Explore D&D's most iconic city in all its greed, glory and blood.

This is my favourite D&D adventure by far and after playing, it will be yours as well.

- Sandbox with More than 60 Locations
- More than 300 NPCs

- Duration 30 Sessions

Social: Very High
Exploration: Very High
Combat: Medium

The Sunless Citadel

The richest man in Oakhurst, Mr Braford has embarked on a quest to the Citadel and never returned. The Braford Enterprise put out a quest notice to find the location of their leader and extract him to safety.

Will you answer the call?

- Dungeon Crawl
- Duration 6 Sessions

Social: Medium
Exploration: Very High
Combat: Very High

Odyssey of the Dragonlords

Coming Soon